340B Heroes Turn Savings into Services

For 25 years the 340B Drug Pricing Program has been helping covered entities (CE) provide affordable prescriptions to disadvantaged communities. Providers enrolled in the program use their discounts to fund a wide range of community health programs and services that demonstrably improve the health and clinical outcomes of our more vulnerable populations. Without fanfare, pharmacy staff at CEs across the country manage their facilities’ 340B programs with a dedication to helping patients we find admirable and worthy of recognition. These are the 340B Heroes.

Celebrating the people working quietly behind the scenes to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes across the community is why we created our 340B Heroes program. We want to highlight the great work that’s been done and the people supporting 340B at their organizations. Following the 340B Coalition Winter Conference this year, more than 20 Cloudmed 340B Recovery customers submitted their hero nominations and a review committee selected the winners. We want to thank everyone who submitted—in our eyes all the nominees are heroes and winners—and showcase a sampling of the nominees.

And the winners are…

Picking two prize winners from the field of nominees was not easy, but in the end two highly deserving names emerged. We want to congratulate our 340B Hero winners for 2023, Amanda Murray, 340B Manager at Adelante Healthcare, and Fred Yingling, Director of Pharmacy at Adena Health System.

“Amanda Murray, Adelante Healthcare’s 340B Manager, is an incredible advocate for our 340B programming and a vocal supporter of our patient population. She is a highly skilled leader and makes every effort to cultivate the leadership abilities of those she has in her department. Ms. Murray is a true hero of our program!”

“Fred Yingling, Director of Pharmacy at Adena is a stellar 340B hero! He consistently goes above and beyond to understand and teach 340B concepts and reimbursement strategies to others. Thanks to his tireless efforts, Mayo Clinic is collaborating with Adena to enhance our financial well-being. I strongly recommend Fred for this award without hesitation.”

340B hero honorable mentions

Even though there are only two prizes, we think all of our nominees are winners. They are truly healthcare heroes to the people in the communities they serve who live longer, healthier lives because of them.

Sarah Mills works diligently to support our 340B program. She takes great pride and ownership for her compliance team to ensure they are well trained, supported for their tasks and questions, and works alongside them on ongoing audit requirements.”

Jaime Adams is my 340B hero because she helps make sure our 340B Program is running smoothly and efficiently. She has helped our organization through not only referral capture, but advocacy and education for all staff, which is an ongoing endeavor!”

“It is my honor to nominate Jessica Pageau as a 340B hero. With the complexities of 340B being at their highest point ever now, we are so fortunate to have her. She cares deeply about the purpose of the 340B program and how it aligns with our ability to strive for our vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America.”

“I nominate Eileen Kelly. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, a great leader, and it’s so nice to work alongside her. Recently she has done some advocacy on behalf of hospitals in Pennsylvania which makes her our 340B hero.”

Heroes flex their savings to meet community needs

As we talk to clients and hear their stories, we are always struck by the diversity and impact of the various population health programs being funded by 340B. HealthNet in Indianapolis, for example, uses 340B funds to deliver healthcare services to the homeless. That program in 2021 delivered almost a thousand babies, provided prenatal care for 2,300 women, and delivered health services to more than 1,300 city residents.

In Mariposa, New Mexico, 340B dollars also deliver OB services and measured a direct impact on mother and infant mortality when funds were or were not applied to those services. The health system also offers colon cancer screening through the pharmacy that helps diagnose patients in with pre-cancerous conditions using money from 340B.

Other covered entities use 340B to fund specialty clinics, dialysis centers, addiction treatment centers, and extended specialty services for hematology, oncology, neurology, and endocrinology. Where there’s a need and a will, 340B program managers and their health systems find a way.

Our 340B Hero winners receive a complimentary registration to a 340B Coalition conference. Cloudmed will continue to support 340B covered entities through sponsorships and recognition programs highlighting the improved health outcomes and population health services they deliver.

If you’re attending the 340B Coalition Summer Conference, be sure to stop by our booth to talk with our experts. You can get a look at everything going on at our 340B Coalition Summer Conference page.

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