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Denials Recovery

Overturn and prevent denials for faster recovery and increased revenue with Cloudmed’s award-winning Revenue Intelligence™ solution for denials recovery, powered by the CloudmedAI™ Platform.

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Recover more cash with expert engagement

Cloudmed Denials Recovery helps you recover denials more quickly as well as minimize future denials. With our expert team of credentialed specialists supported by the powerful CloudmedAI Platform, you can achieve on average a 15% lift in cash over competitive solutions.

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Denials Recovery Overview

Quickly and efficiently resolve wrongfully denied or underpaid claims from commercial, government, military, and Medicare/Medicaid Advantage payers. Cloudmed Denials Recovery is a full-service denial and appeals management solution that recovers more revenue, faster.

Cloudmed Denials Recovery is a middle and back-end revenue cycle acceleration solution for patient financial services (PFS) leaders that maximizes cash collection.

Resolve claims quickly

Begin generating revenue in as few as ten days with industry-leading overturn rates.

Leverage highly specialized experts

Allow us to serve as a powerful extension of your team to do the heavy lifting on high volume or specialized inventory while you focus on other revenue-generating receivables.

Boost workflow efficiency

Work smarter with a single solution that offers a more efficient approach to account follow-up, resolution, and root cause identification and analysis.

The Cloudmed Difference

Denials Recovery Results


More cash collected


Average overturn rate

10 days

To start recovering revenue

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Ranked #1 by KLAS

We’re proud to be recognized for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction excellence in the new Denials Management Services category.










Cloudmed is ranked #1 by KLAS® in Denials Management Services

Keep improving for lasting success

Gain knowledge and insight for measurable performance improvements. Here’s a look at how we work together after defining your program with Cloudmed’s risk-free Aged Trial Balance (ATB) assessment:


You can grant access to work queues in your system so we can begin working inventory immediately. We automate an assigned inventory file to maximize our service delivery and root cause identification capabilities.


The CloudmedAI Platform ingests the file of assigned accounts, prioritizing the highest value and most timely accounts. Our experts analyze and review payer contracts and state and federal regulations to resolve denied government and non-government claims. Credentialed experts review and begin resolving automated placements daily.


We correct issues on denied and unpaid claims, write clinical and technical appeals when appropriate, and then file them on your behalf to collect payment. We assign our staff attorneys and clinicians to participate in payer meetings to hold payers accountable for complying with contracts.

Continuous Improvement

Robust reporting and root cause analysis equip you to better manage your workflow, team, and ongoing training efforts. Our healthcare attorneys and clinicians assist you in your future payer contract negotiations, and we inform you of payer behavior patterns and trends. We also hold regular business reviews with your team.

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