What We’re Reading: February 2024

Noteworthy news and analysis selected by Cloudmed RCM experts

Revenue Cycle Management, AI Take Center Stage in 2024
RevCycle Intelligence | February 6, 2024

Healthcare CFOs are optimistic about the financial outlook this year as their organizations put revenue cycle management, deal-making, and technology investments on the top of their priority lists. The 2024 Healthcare CFO Outlook Survey conducted by BDO surveyed 100 CFOs from organizations with revenues between $250 million to $3 billion at the end of last year. The recently released results showed that 79 percent expect a revenue increase this year.

Continued 340B Eligibility is at Risk for Hundreds of Hospitals Thanks to Pandemic-Related Factors
HFMA | February 2, 2024

Hospitals that rely on savings from the 340B Drug Pricing Program should examine the possibility that they’ll soon be rendered ineligible. Several factors are having an industrywide impact on the disproportionate share hospital (DSH) adjustment percentage, and if that tally drops below a certain threshold on a hospital’s Medicare cost report, the hospital cannot receive 340B discounts.

2024 Deductibles, Coinsurances and Copayments – Know the Numbers
RAC Monitor | January 16, 2024

Since its a new year and every Medicare patient’s yearly deductible resets, it is an opportune time to review a few payment facts. Remember, though, that it is not the job of case management to counsel patients on their financial obligations; hopefully, you have financial counselors who can do that. But understanding the costs can often help in your discussions with patients about their admission status when they tell you that “AARP says to insist on being admitted as inpatient.”

Open Enrollment Breaks 21 Million for 2024
Modern Healthcare | January 24, 2024

A record 21.3 million people signed up for health insurance offered through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace in 2024, the Health and Human Services Department said. The figures include more than 5 million new enrollees. Nearly 4.2 million people with incomes of less than 250% of the federal poverty level signed up for 2024 coverage, the agency said. Medicaid redeterminations that began last year helped push up the numbers.

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