Optimization Suite

Capture missed or underpaid revenue for the care you provided, across the entire revenue cycle, with our comprehensive payment review that catches what others miss.

Helping healthcare providers capture more revenue

Find and fix revenue loss

Quickly and accurately drive more reimbursement and stop leakage with Cloudmed’s industry-leading comprehensive payment review that catches more revenue across the entire revenue cycle. We are an engaged partner that not only optimizes back-end processes but collaborates with your team to empower improvements at the front-end.

Cloudmed Optimization Suite accelerates recovery, increases revenue, and ensures accurate payer reimbursement of government and non-government claims for providers nationwide through a purpose-built approach that encompasses coding, charging, billing, DRGs, transfer DRGs, and underpayments.

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Optimizing the Entire Revenue Cycle Begins Here

The 2023 Revenue Intelligence™ Data and Insights Report will help you improve efficiency, find new revenue, and build a more sustainable revenue cycle approach.


Maximize recovery with Revenue Intelligence

No one but Cloudmed can deliver Revenue Intelligence™ – actionable insights surfaced at the convergence of industry-leading expertise and data-driven technology, powered by the CloudmedAI™ Platform. Use these insights to assess, optimize, and execute with agility. Maximize outcomes while working more efficiently than ever with Revenue Intelligence, the cornerstone of every Cloudmed solution.

Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence

Optimization Suite

Capture missed or underpaid revenue for the care you provided, across the entire revenue cycle, with our comprehensive payment review that catches what others miss.

DRG Validation

Ensure coding and documentation are optimized for reimbursement and compliance.

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Charge Capture

Identify inconsistencies in coding, charging, and billing to find missed reimbursement.

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Underpayment Recovery

Improve revenue collection by identifying and recovering underpaid revenue.

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Transfer DRG

Find revenue lost through the Transfer DRG rule and recover underpayments.

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Ranked #1 by KLAS

We’re proud to be recognized for outstanding performance and excellence in customer satisfaction.

*For the second year in a row, Cloudmed is ranked #1 by KLAS® in Robotic Process Automation and was 2021 Best in KLAS® in Revenue Integrity / Underpayment Services.
2022 Best in KLAS in RPA

KLAS Research


January 2022 KLAS Report

“We have definitely collected on millions of dollars in underpayments as a result of our work with Cloudmed. We have been able to mitigate some returning underpayments as a result of our work with them as well. From a tangible perspective, I would say we have been very successful.”

VP, Revenue Cycle

“Our Charge Capture relationship with Cloudmed has not only brought in what were “lost” dollars, our partnership has also allowed us to be proactive in resolving the root causes such that our overall net revenue has seen a positive impact to our facility’s bottom line. The level of research and detail related to charge findings and suggested fix and education for our revenue cycle staff has been invaluable.”

Chief Operating Officer

“This solution is one of the most promising technology solutions I’ve seen in my healthcare career. At first glance, it seems too good to be true. But after watching their software in action for myself and getting to know their team, I became a believer. I am impressed with the results they have produced for their clients and am confident they will produce the same results for many other hospitals.”

KLAS Research


March 2022 KLAS Report

“We use Cloudmed, which used to be Triage, for our underpayment recovery as well as other things. Cloudmed finds us money, and they are good at that. They are always spot-on and train us how to deal with finding money. They are friendly and well put together, and they communicate very well. They work hard for us.”

Director, Enterprise Revenue Cycle

“Cloudmed not only provided a pain-free and risk-free assessment, they also guaranteed the ROI. We kicked off the project seamlessly given the work done during the risk-free assessment, and within days we had immediate impact to our reimbursement, compliance, and more importantly a solution fully supported by the coding and CDI team that has provided insights and education to improve our coding and clinical documentation. All around a great product supported by an expert team.”

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See how your organization can uncover missed or underreported revenue across the entire revenue cycle with Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence Optimization Suite.