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Improve revenue capture and patient loyalty with R1 Entri™ Pay, our fully integrated, digital patient payment and managed services solution.

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Capture the patient revenue you’ve been missing

As patient financial responsibility grows, you need a holistic approach to revenue capture. Increase net-new cash and improve patient satisfaction with R1 Entri™ Pay, our integrated technology and services solution.

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Patient Account Resolution Overview

Transform your health system’s patient revenue performance with a fully integrated solution that combines digital-first patient financial engagement technology with compassionate customer service for consistent, timely account resolution. R1 Entri™ Pay engages patients with an intuitive self-service payment experience, plus highly personalized assistance when needed, to improve revenue capture and patient satisfaction.

Entri Pay gives health system revenue cycle leaders the unique opportunity to align incentives with their strategic partner to improve financial performance, simplify their vendor footprint, reduce operating costs and increase net-new cash – all while building patient loyalty.

Capture more digital payments

Give patients a consolidated view and convenient tools to manage payments, payment plans and family accounts on their own.

Help patients feel valued

When needed, greet patients with personalized service by highly trained agents, ready to resolve 85% of situations on the first call.

Resolve more accounts

Maximize patient account resolution with micro-targeting and proven results, especially for patients with high balances and mid-to-low propensity to pay.

The R1 and Cloudmed Difference

Patient Financial Results


up to 30% reduction in cost to collect


first-call resolution rate for inbound calls


up to 10% revenue lift across patient AR

Representative customer results

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New Report: How to Streamline the RCM Journey

The 2023 Revenue Intelligence™ Data and Insights Report will help you improve efficiency, find new revenue, and build a more sustainable revenue cycle approach.


Improve revenue performance and patient loyalty

Partner with Cloudmed and R1 to give your patients a fully integrated patient payment experience, whether they are using digital self-service or working with a customer service agent by phone. Here’s how we work with clients toward aligned performance metrics:


We start by designing the best implementation pathway to achieve a successful launch and a rapid and measurable return on investment. As part of that process, you provide data about your patient mix, which enables our machine learning and proprietary propensity-to-pay algorithms to offer each patient flexible, customizable payment plans.


Our proven consumer engagement playbook, which applies our B2C expertise and learnings from other clients, gives you the tools needed to drive strong patient adoption, including omnichannel digital and paper outreach, statement templates and website promotions, suggested voice prompts, call-center staff best practices and more.


The synergy between the intuitive patient self-service experience and personalized call center interactions helps foster continuous expansion of digital adoption, leading to higher patient payments and an increase in net-new cash that would have previously been written off.

Continuous Improvement

R1 and Cloudmed conduct monthly sessions with each customer to achieve continuous improvement for service level agreements and performance metrics related to adoption, payment penetration, patient satisfaction and revenue.


Increase revenue with a digital-first solution.

Entri Pay provides an intuitive, digital-first experience along with highly personalized assistance to improve revenue capture and patient satisfaction.

Invest in modern patient experiences.

Learn about six pitfalls to avoid in a healthcare call center to drive more cash.

Discover a holistic patient payment approach.

See how you can combine technology and compassionate services to engage patients early.

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Find out how R1 Entri™ Pay increases net-new cash, improves revenue performance and enhances patient satisfaction.