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Ranked #1 by KLAS

We’re proud to be recognized for two years in a row, in outstanding performance and customer satisfaction excellence in Robotic Process Automation.










For the second year in a row, Cloudmed is ranked #1 by KLAS® in Robotic Process Automation and was 2021 Best in KLAS® in Revenue Integrity / Underpayment Services.
2022 Best in KLAS in RPA

KLAS Research


September 2020 KLAS Report

“I would buy Cloudmed’s automation solution again.  It has been very helpful in coming up with solutions to our problems.  We have been able to reduce FTEs for numerous case scenarios and to automate certain functions that people do repetitively.”

KLAS Research


September 2020 KLAS Report

“Cloudmed’s service is very proactive, and is always thinking about the future state. They are always looking for ways to enhance the product. Their vision is very well in line with how healthcare is moving in today’s world.”

KLAS Research


September 2020 KLAS Report

“Cloudmed has done a fantastic job of working with us and developing their automation solution to be able to support our migration to the revenue cycle. They have kept their promises, and they have done a great job. They have great support.”

KLAS Research


September 2020 KLAS Report

“Cloudmed’s system is saving hundreds of hours of work. That is a real ROI. What it has saved us has far outweighed the costs.”

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Automation Suite Overview

Healthcare revenue cycle departments are burdened with repetitive, low-value revenue cycle tasks that often result in errors and lost revenue. By leveraging automations from Cloudmed across every stage of the revenue cycle, organizations can improve data accuracy and increase revenue while redeploying staff to higher-value work.

Automate your most complex processes 

Maximize performance with automations embedded in your electronic health record (EHR) systems. Cloudmed’s approach ensures accurate and reliable automation without adding complexity.

Maximize your total net return

Achieve a fast time-to-value with automations built specifically for revenue cycle processes by Cloudmed’s revenue cycle and technology experts, implemented in as few as 90 days.

Benefit from end-to-end management

Remove the burden from your revenue cycle and IT teams with full support from Cloudmed’s highly trained team. We continuously monitor, maintain, and optimize your automations. Intuitive dashboards and ongoing consultation with our expert team help you to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in your revenue cycle processes.

Optimize every stage of the revenue cycle

Boost efficiency, improve accuracy, and simplify complex processes across the revenue cycle with purpose-built automations delivered as a fully supported service, powered by the CloudmedAI™ platform.







Expedite billing and filing and uncover additional billing opportunities quickly and efficiently. Cloudmed Insurance Discovery Automation searches payer portals to provide automatic coverage discovery and retroactive Medicaid monitoring at the payor’s preferred frequency.

Improve scheduling efficiency, service, and patient access turnaround for greater patient and staff satisfaction. Cloudmed Order & Referral Management Automation interprets and enters order information into your system and routes requests to the appropriate scheduling and patient access resources.

Accelerate approvals, reduce manual staff effort, improve timeliness of service and slot utilization for more accurate and efficient prior authorization. Cloudmed Prior Authorization Status Automation continually monitors payer portals, queries requests to identify prior authorization availability, posts results to the electronic health record (EHR), and communicates additional action needed to the appropriate resources.

Ensure all performed services are accurately billed to speed revenue and reduce denials. Cloudmed Charge & Coding Reconciliation Automation reviews charges and codes across disparate systems, ensuring that information is captured and posted to the claim, including modifiers, location, and provider data.

Reduce AR days, boost efficiency, and empower team members to work at the top of their abilities. Cloudmed Claims Status & Prioritization Automation continuously monitors payer portals, identifies processed claim status, and posts prioritized findings to the electronic health record (EHR) for staff intervention.

Improve denials accuracy and efficiency of resolution with a powerful supplement to your denials process. Cloudmed Denial Management Automation allows your team to address more denied claims by identifying the appropriate clinical records from the electronic health record (EHR) and creating an electronic copy for external release and initiating appeals, including transmitting medical records according to the defined workflow.

Improve staff efficiency, accuracy, and policy adherence. Cloudmed Transfers & Adjustments Automation eliminates manual intervention of routine adjustments and write-offs by reviewing accounts at the claim level, posting adjustments for insurance and patient balances for small balances, capitation adjustments, discounts and duplicate payments, and posting errors as defined by policy.

Maximize results with expert guidance

We are here to support and guide you throughout the entire engagement. If you have a unique workflow that is causing you pain, we can automate that too. Here’s how we work together, with a process perfected by our experts.


Ourrevenue cycleand technologyexperts take a deep dive into your existing workflow to identifyhigh-value automation opportunities. We learnyour electronic health record (EHR) configuration,obtain the necessary credentials, and retrieve the necessary data needed for automation.


After configuration and extensive testing, weimplementthe automations,monitor for exceptions and errors, and make adjustments as needed.Weeducate your teamon the changes and opportunitiesthe automationsdeliver. 


Wemaintainand adjustyourautomations on an ongoing basis tooptimize performance andensure continuitywith any electronic health record (EHR) system, payer portal,or application changes. 

Continuous Improvement

Through monitoring and data analysis,weidentify improvements and extensions to the automations, driving even more time saved, quantifiable value, and revenue generated. An intuitive dashboard lets you see results in real-time and generate insightful reports.   

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