Acceleration Suite

Fast-track cash with proprietary technology backed by unmatched experience in aged, complex, and clinically challenged claims and denials.

The fastest way to drive revenue

Achieve significant cash improvement and prevent future losses with the award-winning Acceleration Suite from Cloudmed. Our full-service approach quickly and accurately collects more revenue, spanning the entire lifecycle of non-reimbursed and under-reimbursed accounts. We are an engaged partner that not only optimizes mid-cycle processes but collaborates with your team to empower improvements at every stage of the revenue cycle.

Cloudmed Acceleration Suite speeds revenue, reduces AR days, and maximizes reimbursement of government and non-government claims for providers nationwide through purpose-built solutions that encompass billing, coding, complex claims, denials, and underpayments.

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Ready to Accelerate your Revenue Cycle?

The 2023 Revenue Intelligence™ Data and Insights Report will help you improve efficiency, find new revenue, and build a more sustainable revenue cycle approach.


Maximize recovery with Revenue Intelligence

No one but Cloudmed can deliver Revenue Intelligence™ – actionable insights surfaced at the convergence of industry-leading expertise and data-driven technology, powered by the CloudmedAI™ Platform. Use these insights to assess, optimize, and execute with agility. Maximize outcomes while working more efficiently than ever with Revenue Intelligence, the cornerstone of every Cloudmed solution.

Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence

Acceleration Suite 

Fast-track cash with proprietary technology backed by unmatched experience in aged, complex, and clinically challenged claims and denials.

Denials Recovery

Overturn and prevent denials for faster recovery and increased revenue.

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Complex Claims Referrals

Expedite recovery and increase reimbursement on complex claims.

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AR Recovery

Accelerate revenue, reduce AR days, and maximize reimbursement.

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Entri Pay

Optimize account resolution by combining digital-first patient financial engagement with personalized service.

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Physician Advisory Solutions

Navigate the regulatory environment to increase billing compliance and reduce clinical denials.

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Ranked #1 by KLAS

We’re proud to be recognized for outstanding performance and excellence in customer satisfaction.

*For the second year in a row, Cloudmed is ranked #1 by KLAS® in Robotic Process Automation and was 2021 Best in KLAS® in Revenue Integrity / Underpayment Services.
2022 Best in KLAS in RPA
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See how your organization can realize a significant lift in cash and prevent future losses across the account lifecycle with Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence Acceleration Suite.

Discover top trends affecting the revenue cycle – and how to address them –  with the 2023 Revenue Intelligence™ Data and Insights Report.