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Worksheet S-10

Optimize uncompensated care payments and assure compliance with Cloudmed’s award-winning Revenue Intelligence™ solution for Worksheet S-10 payments.

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Optimize uncompensated care revenue with expert guidance

Rely on Cloudmed’s specialized expertise to recover all uncompensated care dollars quickly and accurately.

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Worksheet S-10 Overview

Recover all your uncompensated care revenue so you can keep helping those in need. Cloudmed Worksheet S-10 identifies more value with a highly specialized team that includes former Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) auditors.

Cloudmed Worksheet S-10 is used by finance and reimbursement leaders to optimize government benefits revenue.

Find more revenue

Recover all the revenue you are entitled to with Cloudmed’s proprietary rules and algorithms that quickly processes large volumes of data to accurately determine allowability at the claim level.

Overcome complexity concerns

Redeploy your staff to other high-value work while we expertly tackle the complex rules and documentation required for reimbursement success.

Achieve unbeatable audit results

Depend on our solid relationships and experience with the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for a nearly 100% MAC audit pass rate.

Realize long-term success with an experienced partner

Leverage our expertise and knowledge of this specialized environment to optimize results and keep improving. Here’s a look at how we work together:


You provide patient and claim level data from your patient financial services (PFS) system as well as provide remote, read-only access to your patient financial services (PFS) system so that we can answer any questions on our own, taking a significant burden off your staff.


We perform a prospective review by running the data through our proprietary rules and algorithms to identify actionable claims. Highly skilled auditors thoroughly review all claims to ensure compliance with Medicare regulations and documentation is intact.


We provide a detailed patient listing with allowable uncompensated care claims and associated dollar amounts to help you recover all the revenue you are entitled to. We work directly with the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) on any follow up issues or questions.

Continuous Improvement

Highly skilled auditors provide comprehensive support until the Worksheet S-10 is finalized. We share our deep expertise with best practice policies and procedures for ongoing improvement.

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Optimize government reimbursement accuracy, maximize pharmacy savings, and ensure compliance with our elite team of industry specialists.

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Worksheet S-10

Optimize uncompensated care payments with assured compliance and accuracy.

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Find out how Cloudmed Worksheet S-10 Revenue Intelligence solution can help you optimize uncompensated care payments with assured compliance and accuracy.

Discover top trends affecting the revenue cycle – and how to address them –  with the 2023 Revenue Intelligence™ Data and Insights Report.