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Underpayment Recovery

Improve revenue collection by identifying and recovering underpaid revenue with Cloudmed’s award-winning Revenue Intelligence™ solution for underpayment recovery, powered by the CloudmedAI™ Platform.

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Find all the revenue you’re leaving behind

Uncover revenue other solutions overlook for a significant impact to your bottom line. Maximize reimbursement with Cloudmed’s deep expertise, credentialed team, and powerful CloudmedAI Platform.

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Underpayment Recovery Overview

Improve revenue collection by identifying and recovering underpaid revenue. Cloudmed Underpayment Recovery helps you navigate complex underpayment issues with deep expertise in payer reimbursement methods, contract analysis, clinical coding, and billing powered by the CloudmedAI Platform.

Cloudmed Underpayment Recovery acts as a zero-balance safety net, helping patient financial services (PFS) and revenue cycle leaders optimize their back-end revenue cycle.

Recover revenue faster

Start recovering revenue within 60 days and monitor progress in real-time with intuitive dashboards.

Fix leakage

Leverage Cloudmed’s nearly three decades of experience to identify and fix the issues, educate your staff, and implement process improvements.

Get started quickly

Be up and running typically in less than 40 hours, with minimum IT resource requirements and no disruption to daily operations.

The Cloudmed Difference

Underpayment Recovery Results

60 days

To revenue collection


Lost reimbursement recovered

90 days

To positive ROI

*Representative customer results

Work smarter

Let us expertly handle underpayment complexities while freeing your team for other high-value work. There’s zero risk with Cloudmed’s 100% contingency fee-based model. Here’s how we work together:


You provide an extract of claims and payment data, contracts, and system access. Our electronic medical record-provided scripts can significantly streamline the data pull.


We conduct comprehensive audits using a multi-stage process and toolkit designed to capture different revenue opportunities.

  • Contract evaluation and audits
  • Government payer review
  • Revenue integrity and coding accuracy reviews


After validating all underpayments, our tenacious team of credentialed experts appeals underpaid accounts directly with the payers until resolution.

Continuous Improvement

Robust reporting and root cause analysis equip you to capture this revenue upstream in the future. Intuitive dashboards let you monitor progress in real-time.

Optimization Suite

Capture missed or underpaid revenue for the care you provided, across the entire revenue cycle, with our comprehensive payment review that catches what others miss.

DRG Validation

Ensure coding and documentation are optimized for reimbursement and compliance.

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Charge Capture

Identify inconsistencies in coding, charging, and billing to find missed reimbursement.

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Underpayment Recovery

Improve revenue collection by identifying and recovering underpaid revenue.

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Transfer DRG

Find revenue lost through the Transfer DRG rule and recover underpayments.

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Find out how Cloudmed Underpayment Recovery Revenue Intelligence solution improves revenue collection by identifying and recovering underpaid revenue.