Optimizing 340B to Improve Community Health

How one health center uses prescription discounts to expand patient services

340B covered entities use prescription drug discounts to improve patient outcomes and fund community healthcare services. Amanda Murray is the 340B program manager for Adelante Healthcare, a certified community health center with nine locations in Arizona serving Maricopa County and a 340B covered entity. We spoke with Amanda to learn more about Adelante’s 340B program growth and how they’ve leveraged that to fund more community healthcare through their Cloudmed partnership.

Amanda Murray, 340B Program Manager, Adelante Healthcare
Amanda Murray
Adelante Healthcare

Question: Tell us a little about your role at Adelante Healthcare. 

Murray: I manage all of the 340B program including our contract pharmacy network and clinic medication rooms. We have a large contract pharmacy network. Maricopa county is large and we need to make sure that all of our patients have access to the medication they need. Even more important, our patients need  to be able to afford their medications, and our 340B program makes that possible.  

Question: What kinds of community health services does the 340B program help you provide? 

Murray: We’ve been able to expand our services to offer dental care to adults in the community. We’ve also been able to provide important obstetric and prenatal services to mothers based only on what they can afford to pay, and what is generated from 340B, that’s how we subsidize that care. We are also able to help patients access behavioral health services. 

Question: How does Cloudmed 340B Recovery help you capture more 340B savings? 

Murray: Cloudmed can capture specialist notes and documentation from the referral specialists that we are not able to get, so the care that we’re able to deliver our patients is a lot better because we have all that information available for patients continuation of care. Cloudmed has helped us expand our resources to be able to help more patients get the critical care they need to stay healthy. 

Question: How important is Cloudmed in helping you comply with 340B program requirements?  

Murray: It’s huge for us. They sent us samples of policies and procedures that would help us to ensure the compliance of our program and we could build off of as our program continues to grow. Compliance is so fundamental with the 340B program. It was easy, smooth sailing, and I do have to say our providers were very, very pleased when those notes started getting loaded into the patient chart. 

Question: How would you characterize the relationship between Adelante and Cloudmed? 

Murray: Cloudmed has been extremely easy to work with from the very beginning. Having an attentive account manager is an incredible advantage. Whether it’s through email, if we need to jump on a call, whatever I need they’re very flexible and able to accommodate. We’re getting close to about three years that we’ve been using Cloudmed, and it has generated a significant amount of closed-loop referrals for us. It warms my heart to help patients stay healthy because they can afford their medications. It makes you feel good to know you are making a difference.  

Adelante Healthcare has been using Cloudmed 340B Recovery since 2019 and over three years has grown 340B savings by 370%. Their 340B program reimbursements since engaging Cloudmed have delivered millions of dollars to expand services and improve healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations in Maricopa County communities.  

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