Cloudmed Acquires Eligibill Insurance Discovery

Proprietary search capabilities delivered through Revenue Intelligence™ helps healthcare providers find more coverage from commercial and government payers.

Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence

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Cloudmed Enhances CloudmedAI with Acquisition of Eligibill, Expanding Insurance Discovery Services for Healthcare Providers

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Insurance Discovery Overview

Quickly and efficiently identify insurance coverage from commercial, government and other payers. Today’s healthcare environment is a never-ending battle over reimbursement for services. With reduction in government payer reimbursement and commercial policies having higher deductible and co-pays, capturing all available revenue is even more critical for health systems.

Cloudmed Insurance Recovery seamlessly identifies coverage throughout the revenue cycle, reducing issues with timely filing and pre-authorization requirements. Cloudmed’s award-winning Revenue Intelligence™ solutions are purpose-built from the ground up by revenue cycle experts, world class engineers, and data scientists using the latest technologies to ensure full reimbursement faster and more efficiently.

Faster coverage discovery

Between 3% and 7% of patients who present as “uninsured” have unknown or undisclosed commercial or government-sponsored coverage. But insurance discovery is complicated. Cloudmed Coverage Finder identifies more billable coverage to accelerate reimbursement.

Third party liability identification

Approximately 2% of Medicaid-eligible patients have commercial coverage unknown by Medicaid and undisclosed by patients. Cloudmed Third Party Liability Finder identifies third party liability earlier in the revenue cycle, helping healthcare providers recover higher reimbursements from commercial payers, with Medicaid as a secondary payer.

Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence Solutions

Accelerate cash, optimize reimbursement, and effectively navigate government programs with industry-leading expertise and data-driven technology.

Acceleration Suite

Fast-track cash with proprietary technology backed by unmatched experience in aged, complex, and clinically challenged claims and denials. 

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Optimization Suite

Capture missed or underpaid revenue for the care you provided, across the entire revenue cycle, with our comprehensive payment review that catches what others miss.

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Government Navigation Suite

Optimize government reimbursement accuracy, maximize pharmacy savings, and ensure compliance with our elite team of industry specialists. 

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Automation Suite

Simplify complex, labor-intensive workflows with automations configured, managed and optimized by our revenue cycle experts. 

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See how your organization can recover more revenue across the entire revenue cycle with Cloudmed Revenue Intelligence Solutions.

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