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Find out how Cloudmed Automation Suite can simplify complex, labor-intensive workflows to maximize revenue recovery and boost efficiency.

Cloudmed Automation

Are you tired of complex, labor-intensive revenue cycle workflows that drain your resources and hinder revenue recovery? Look no further! Cloudmed Automation Suite is here to revolutionize your revenue cycle management and supercharge your financial performance. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to transform your revenue cycle. Get started today by scheduling your Complimentary Assessment with our automation experts. Here's how it works:

Streamline Workflows, Maximize Revenue Recovery 

With Cloudmed Automation Suite, you can bid farewell to manual, time-consuming tasks and embrace streamlined, automated workflows. Our suite of advanced automation solutions is specifically designed to simplify complex revenue cycle processes, enabling you to recover revenue more efficiently than ever before. 

Drive Efficiency, Reduce Costs 

Efficiency is key in today's healthcare landscape, and Cloudmed Automation Suite is your ticket to unparalleled efficiency gains. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and intelligent algorithms, our suite optimizes your operations, reduces administrative burden, and slashes costs. Get ready to amplify your bottom line while saving valuable time and resources. 

Unleash the Potential of Your Revenue Cycle 

We understand the unique challenges you face in revenue cycle management. That's why we're offering you a Complimentary Assessment—an opportunity to unlock the full potential of your revenue cycle with Cloudmed Automation Suite. 

Meet the automation experts

Cloudmed Automation Suite continues to grow in scale and capability under the leadership of our automation experts.

Lynne Hildreth

Lynne Hildreth

Vice President of Automation, Cloudmed

Lynne became an automation champion while leading a revenue cycle turnaround project at Moffitt Cancer Center and has developed dozens of automation use cases. Lynne leverages her consulting experience with Deloitte and extensive healthcare provider background to help hospitals identify automation opportunities and guide their development.

Matt Jarvis

Vice President of Automation, Cloudmed

Matt joined Cloudmed, after spending 14 years with Huron Consulting Group, where he worked side by side with revenue cycle leaders to transform and optimize their technology, processes, and human capital. He spent seven years working exclusively with Epic customers and has a deep understanding of how best to extend native Epic capabilities with intelligent automations.

Travis Allen

Automation Client Solution Director, Cloudmed

Travis has shaped our guiding principles, solution offerings and go to market strategy as a Director on our Automation team. Prior to joining Cloudmed, Travis spent 13 years working for MEDITECH in the EMR space and later transitioned to driving revenue cycle automations at a healthcare startup. Travis’ deep RCM experience allows him to support clients in transforming divisions, drive operational improvements and guide business strategy.

Sean Barrett

Senior Vice President of Product and Digital Transformation, R1 RCM

Sean oversees the R1 automation, data, and machine learning verticals. Before joining R1, he spent 14 years at Deloitte Consulting in the Technology and Strategy u0026 Operations practices. There he focused on leading operational performance improvement and technology-driven transformation engagements at many of the largest health systems in the country.

Ranked #1 by KLAS

We’re proud to be recognized for three years in a row, in outstanding performance and customer satisfaction excellence in Robotic Process Automation.










For the third year in a row, Cloudmed is ranked #1 by KLAS® in Robotic Process Automation.
2022 Best in KLAS in RPA

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