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Revenue Intelligence is the smarter way to find and fix health system revenue loss.

Health systems fight to stay financially healthy in order to keep people healthy, with some losing as much as $100 million a year in uncaptured revenue. Cloudmed brings together a data-driven platform delivered by industry experts to get you compensated for all the care you deliver.

Our platform offers specific reimbursement solutions that rapidly expose revenue loss from WHERE to HOW to HOW MUCH.

COVID Response: Cash Acceleration and Revenue Enhancement Solution (C.A.R.E.S) Program

Solutions for revenue shortfall and economic recovery

Cloudmed C.A.R.E.S. quickly infuses much-needed cash flow in overlooked aspects of revenue integrity via simplified contracting and streamlined implementation processes to begin generating immediate cash flow within 30 days. We offer a suite of speed-to-cash solutions that include Denials Management and Write-Off Recovery, DRG Validation, Transfer DRG and Shadow Billing, and 340B Discovery.

More revenue, faster

With Cloudmed, you can view where and how to recover revenue by uncovering opportunities you are entitled to. We identify incomplete or inaccurate coding, processing and reporting—all in a smarter, more predictive way.

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Revenue Assurance Suite

Ensures episodes of care are coded, charged, and discharged accurately for optimized reimbursement.


DRG Validation

20X more efficient at identifying underpayments due to regulatory compliance issues and overwhelming clinical coding and documentation requirements.

Charge Capture

Uncovers 30% to 40% more revenue by accurately identifying missed, misplaced, and miscoded charges.

Transfer DRG

Recovers 2X more revenue with comprehensive coverage in fee-for-service (FFS), Medicare Advantage (MA), and indirect medical education (IME)/shadow billing plus post-acute transfer rule recoveries.

Payer Accountability Suite

Ensures the claim was processed correctly and recovery was optimized for expected reimbursement.


Denials Recovery

Decrease your denial inventory by up to 20% with a customized optimization plan by our skilled clinicians, attorneys, and reimbursement specialists.

Underpayment Recovery

Decrease underpaid cases by 25% or more with a turn-key solution that includes complex contract modeling and reimbursement expertise.

A/R Recovery

Accelerate cash and decrease days in A/R by an average of 20% with expert follow-up at every stage of the recovery process to effectively resolve complex, aged, and delayed claims.

Medicare Reimbursement Suite

Validates your organization was appropriately reimbursed for the population you serve.


340B Discovery

Identify missed opportunities for 340B pricing and strengthen future 340B performance and savings.

Worksheet S-10

Keep the dollars you have earned while continuing to help those in need.

Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH)

Maximize both retroactive and prospective Medicare DSH reimbursement.

Medicare Bad Debt (MBD)

Analyzes 100% of MBD claims using proprietary best-in-class technology.