Best Practices for Coding and Billing Clean Claims

Are you tired of insurance claim denials and the revenue loss they cause? Most denials are preventable, and we’re here to help you take proactive steps to protect your margins.

Download our Best Practices for Coding and Billing Clean Claims Tip Sheet now and start improving your clean claims rate today.

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Our tip sheet provides ten proven strategies to help you submit clean claims on the first pass. With a strong focus on front-end revenue cycle processes, our tips cover everything from verifying eligibility and authorization to maintaining your Charge Description Master and automating manual processes.

By downloading our tip sheet, you'll learn:

  • How to fix claim denials by addressing eligibility, authorization, documentation, and data issues
  • The importance of a first pass resolution rate (FPRR) and how to improve it
  • Ten best practices for coding and billing clean claims
  • The benefits of leveraging technology partners with healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) expertise