340B Compliance & Referral Prescriptions

Policies, Procedures, and Passing an Audit

Hear Choctaw Regional Medical Center and PrimaryPlus speak about their experiences with par8o, building Policies & Procedures documentation as it relates to capturing referrals for their 340B programs, and what it was like to experience (and pass!) a HRSA audit through the Bizzell Group.

This is a video that combines both the original hour-long webinar as well as the Q&A follow-up we scheduled do the influx of questions that occurred during the live webinar. The first half contains our original webinar, and the second half is full of audience questions and answers.

At various points in the webinar, you’ll notice reference to a referral tracker as well as a Policies & Procedures template. Click the button below to be taken to a short form where you can access these files.