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340B Discovery

Identify missed opportunities for 340B pricing and strengthen future 340B performance and savings with Cloudmed’s award-winning Revenue Intelligence™ solution for 340B programs, powered by the CloudmedAI™ Platform.

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Go deeper and recover more 340B cost savings in your contract pharmacies

Expand 340B opportunities with Cloudmed’s highly specialized expertise and powerful CloudmedAI Platform that uncovers more 340B cost savings than any other solution.

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340B Discovery Overview

Identify missed opportunities for 340B pricing with Cloudmed’s laser-focused approach to uncover more 340B cost savings. The CloudmedAI Platform analyzes large volumes of data to find those prescriptions that should have been 340B eligible. Highly skilled auditors thoroughly review claims for assured compliance.

Cloudmed 340B Discovery is used by finance leaders and 340B administrators to optimize program savings within their contracted pharmacies.

Go deep, go wide

Surface more 340B pricing opportunities with our meticulous review of owned and contract pharmacy prescriptions that analyzes required documentation from numerous sources.

See what you’ve been missing

Accurately uncover 340B opportunities in your contracted pharmacies with proprietary technology that identifies, quantifies, and reports missed 340B savings. Uncover valuable insights that help enhance future 340B savings.

Get control over compliance

Eliminate compliance concerns with dedicated and highly skilled 340B professional auditors for assured accuracy that yields an unbeatable 85% average findings agreement rate.

Strengthen future 340B performance

Improve long-term performance with expert guidance and best practices that optimize results. There’s zero risk with Cloudmed’s 100% contingency fee-based model. Here’s a look at how we work together:


You provide patient and prescription information from your third-party administrator (TPA) 340B software for all ineligible prescriptions as well as remote, read-only access to your electronic medical record system.


We analyze the data using our proprietary rules and algorithms to identify actionable claims. Highly skilled auditors thoroughly review claims to ensure compliance and provide supporting documentation.


We submit findings to you, and our dedicated team resolves any questions you may have. You then resubmit the approved claims to your third-party administrator (TPA) to realize the 340B discount.

Continuous Improvement

We share our deep expertise with best practice policies and procedures for ongoing improvement. High-level reporting allows for informed decision-making to enhance future 340B savings.

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Optimize government reimbursement accuracy, maximize pharmacy savings, and ensure compliance with our elite team of industry specialists.

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340B Discovery

Identify missed opportunities for 340B pricing and strengthen future 340B performance and savings.

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Find out how Cloudmed 340B Discovery Revenue Intelligence solution can help you Identify missed 340B pricing opportunities in your contracted pharmacies and optimize 340B cost savings.

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