HFMA Annual Conference Insights: Using Technology to Enhance the Patient Experience

| 06.25.2019

Imagine a world where going to a healthcare provider is as easy as going to a Starbuck’s or shopping on Amazon. For consumer’s today, the healthcare system is difficult to navigate. At the HFMA Annual conference session titled, “The New Reality: Challenges and Opportunities for the Patient Experience” moderated by Florian Otto, MD, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of Cedar, a panel of healthcare providers discussed patient engagement and their perspective on the ever-evolving role technology plays in a patient-centric revenue cycle.

When asked what they would love to see adopted in healthcare, Michelle Stansbury, Vice President of Innovation and IT Corporate Business Systems at Houston Methodist said that her hope is that one day it can be mirrored off Amazon’s “know me” approach. Knowing more about a consumer and what their healthcare needs are can help fill the gap and satisfy the patient experience. David Kerwar, Chief Product Officer and Head of Consumer Digital Innovations at Mount Sinai Health System agreed. Having the patient journey be more organized and customized would make the already stressful experience more pleasing.

Joel Perlman, Senior Advisor at Montefiore Medicine believes customization is key. Knowing the patient, learning their needs, understanding their preferences, and tailoring care and the billing experience can transform the patient revenue cycle experience.

From cell phone apps to website portals, using tools and technology to learn and understand who the patient is and where they are in their health care is the key to enhancing the customer journey and improve their experience in the already stressful hospital environment.