| 06.25.2019

HFMA’s Annual Conference kicked off with an engaging keynote session led by Dr. Zubin Damania popularly known as “ZDogg MD”. In his quest to build Healthcare 3.0 Dr. Damania founded Turntable Health, a direct primary clinic in Las Vegas that did not utilize the fee-for-service model and instead focused on fee-for-value. Pairing components of what Damania calls transactional medicine while adding layers of personal touch, patients at the clinic became increasingly successful medically and found Turntable to be a familiar community gathering space.

This disruption of primary care is what Damania encouraged all of us to continue to reach for. Currently healthcare is in a space where technology needs to be integrated into appointments, but at times the technology doesn’t match the environment which can lead to patients feeling dehumanized and less likely to follow through on their medical needs. Ultimately primary care should strive toward the combination of a personal relationship focus with technology innovation for Healthcare 3.0 which would best serve patients.